NAGA CLINIC multi treatment surgery Polyclinic provides an International Standard Services 24 hours every day.

Room Bookings

Welcome to Naga Clinic. Your Doctor or the clinic staff will make the necessary bookings for your admission into the Polyclinic. The Polyclinic is able to confirm the availability of a room type only at your time of admission. However, if we are unable to provide you with the room of your choice at admission, we will make the transfer as soon as your preferred room type available.

Room Charges

Private Deluxe Room $ 50/ day
Standard Double Room $ 30/ day
ICU Room $ 60/ day
Extra bed $ 8/ day

Nursing Charge

Private Deluxe Room $ 10/ day
Standard Double Room $ 5/ day
ICU Room $ 15/ day

Cost of Food on Order

Standard Khmer Food/ Soft Diet $ .../ day
Standard International Food/Soft Diet $ .../ day
Food for Pediatric, aged 1 to 5 years $ .../ day


1. The daily room begins from the time of admission for a period of 24 hours.

2. In case of the patient stays in the Polyclinic less than 24 hours, the room rate will be:
- 50% of the room rate for 6 hours or less,
- The full room rate for 6-24 hour

3. In case the patient stays for more than one day, the rate for the day of departure will be:
- No charge if the patient leaves within 12 hours of the time of admission,
- One day charge if the patient leaves after 12 hours from the time of admission.

4. In the case of moving to a room of a different type, the higher priced room will apply on the day of the move if the higher cost room is occupied for more than 4 hours.

Please note that the detail of the price list is subjected to change without prior notice.

What To Bring

- Identity Card/Passport/Birth Certificate
- Medical Document, Xray, laboratory result...
- Document necessary for Medisave application
- Pyjamas and dressing gown
- Slippers
- Toiletries e.g. toothbrush, tooth paste, talcum powder, comb...


You can settle your Polyclinic bill by cash, cheque, credit card, and Medisave if Access with Naga Clinic. All bills have to be fully settled at point of discharge. If you are using Medisave please note that there is a limit on the amount you can claim.

If the bill is to be settled by your Employer or Insurance, you must give the Polyclinic a letter of guarantee from your Employer or Insurance Company.


You will need to make a Deposit on admission. The Deposit varies with your room type and payment method.

1.Type of room:

Private Deluxe Room US$ 600
Standard Double Room US$ 350
ICU Room US$ 750

2.A passport is to be submitted to the admitting officer upon admission or an additional US$ 500 may be submitted in lieu of passport.

3. Interim account settlement is required every three (3) days on presentation of the bill.

4. Deposits and the passport will be returned upon final settlement of the account. If any account is not paid up in full, the passport will not be returned until said account is paid.

5. When the total charge exceeds ¾ (75%) of the deposit and the interim payment has not been made, an additional deposit is required.

6. Please note that the Polyclinic services are made preferably on a cash basis. However, we do take several major credit cards. Please contact the cashier for further information.

7. Unless all of the above requirements are fulfilled, the Polyclinic reserves the right to refuse admission.

8. For Contract Companies, Overseas Insurance,... please contact Administration Office.

Estimation Of Hospital Bills

An Estimation of your Hospital bill will be given to you on admission. This estimation is based on your admitting diagnosis, length of stay, and procedure to be performed for you as indicated by your Doctor in the Estimation of Hospital bill Form. Do remember that this Estimation of Hospital charges is an estimate only and may differ from your final bill if your actual diagnosis, surgery, room type or length of stay differ from that stated in the Form.


We advise that you leave your money and valuables at home or with the person accompanying you to the Polyclinic. Naga Clinic is not responsible of any robbery.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 8 am to 8 pm. The 'No Visitors After 8 pm' rule is strictly enforced throughout the Polyclinic. This is to allow you proper rest and ensure your security at night.


Polyclinic check-out time is 12 noon.


The Polyclinic has a good Ambulance car for emergency to visit, pick up the patients 24 hours with a safe condition.


If you have any questions about your admission, please call the Receptionist at 011-811 175

Thank you for choosing