If you have high blood sugar level, you may have Diabetes Mellitus wich can cause so many complications. Fortunately, complications can be prevented if you only learn to take good care of yourself and see your Doctor regularly.

Instruction to reduce risk factors are:

  1. Control your diet; avoid taking excessive carbohydrate such as rice, noodle, bread, sugar and sweets.
  2. Follow your prescribed diet faithfully.
  3. Reduce your weight, if you are over-weight.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Increase « fiber » in your diet by eating more vegetable and fruits.
  6. Using artificial sweeteners or diabetics food.
  7. Learn to test your own urine sugar and your own blood sugar.
  8. Learn the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar as sweating, dizzy, lightheaded and fainting.
  9. Carry along sweet candies with you for emergency use (fainting speels)
  10. Use proper size shoes to avoid pressure sore.
  11. See your Doctor if there is unhealed wound.
  12. Take prescribed medications regularly.