Positive Hepatitis B antigen means there is Hepatitis B virus in your body. It takes 6 weeks to 6 months incubation period before any sign or symptom will occur. You may or may not experience some down with the disease. Under normal body process, the body will build antibody against the disease. About 10%-15% of population who do have positive antigen but neither have the disease nor antibody against the disease. There are called « healthy carrier ». It means they can spread the disease to others and at the same time cause further problem to themselves which could be chronic hepatitis.

If you have positive Hepatitis B antigen, you should consult your Doctor:

  1. To have further investigation to determine the infectivity of the disease.
  2. To have further investigation to determine your liver function and periodically check your liver function as long as the antigen is present.
  3. To take good care of yourself and maintain good health.
  4. Avoid alcoholic beverages and anything that can cause damage to your liver.
  5. Good personal hygiene.
  6. Inform your Doctor and Your Dentist of your blood result whenever you get your treatment.
  7. Do not donate any part of your blood or any of your organs.
  8. Your family: have your immediate family check to see if they have antibody (immune) against the disease. Those that don’t have both antigen and antibody must receive vaccination against the disease.