Don’t let JET LAG spoil your fun,…

The main but not the only cause of Jet lag is crossing times zones. The Pineal Gland deep in your brain governs your body 24 hour clock, and every activity from falling asleep and waking up, to the release of hormones, and to the digestion and elimination of food keep time with it.

Pre Flight

  1. Build up your reserves by getting as much sleep and rest before your flight,
  2. Be prepared and have everything organized, don’t leave yourself short of time,
  3. Work out what are the normal meal and sleeping times at your destination and eat and sleep as close as you can to those time in-flight,
  4. Arrange a Pre-Flight Massage, to relax muscles and remove any muscle tension.

During Flight

  1. Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and fruit juices before, during and after your Flight. Replace by drinking plenty of water or infused herbal teas like Chamomille, which is good for calming,
  2. Take supplements to build up your resistance such as Vitamin B Complex to replenish the nutrients lost due to atmospheric pressure,
  3. Re-hydrate the skin with facial spray,
  4. Eat small and light meals and avoid heavy foods; sitting in a seated position slows down the digestion process causing lethargy and poor circulation,
  5. Stretching and gentle exercises during flight will improve circulation and release any tension build up in the muscles,
  6. Apply relaxing body oil to your feet, ankles and calves.

Post Flight

  1. Spend as much daylight time outdoors, sunlight is believed to slow or stop the body clock,
  2. Relax in a warm bath filled with sea or bath salts,
  3. Post Flight Massage is very important,
  4. Avoid reading before going to bed , this stimulates the mind and prevents you from a peaceful rest or sleep,
  5. Place two drops of Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow, this will assist in relaxing the mind and allowing you to fall into deep sleep,
  6. Play soft and relaxing music before going to sleep,
  7. If you are sleepy and time permits take a power nap of 45 minutes (sieste); this will restore energy levels without affecting your sleeping pattern too much,
  8. Jet Lag is not only a state of body, but also a state of mind.